Relaxing Pleasure

A cozy little Mountain lodge located in a village called Dhampus, provides a relaxing and soothing atmosphere after a day of adventure. Just like when you are visiting a house of a friend in Nepal, you can blend into the lifestyle of the mountain life. The lodge is built in such a way that the mountain views are hard to escape from anywhere inside or outside the building.


Guest Room

There are five twin bed rooms with an attached bathroom. The bed consists of Japanese down quilt which will keep you warm. Hot water bag is served during cold weathers.


with Superb View

Taditional Japanese style bath Rotenburo in open air is the trade mark of TSUKINOIE. Please spend your time with the view of Annapurna Range. Staffs are available to prepare the firewood. At night you may enjoy the view of Himalayas in the moonlight.

While you are here, a quick visit to the view tower, Australian Camp, or just a leisurely walk around the ancient Gurung village are definitely worth your time. Astam is another beautiful village.

Hiking around Dhampus Village

Warm Hearted

Home Cooking

The lodge prepares all its meals from the kitchen garden with ingredients available at the time. We do not have a menu for this reason. Raksi` a homemade Nepali alcohol is also served.

Garden overlooking the Himalaya without any distraction and dine in a room with a wooden stove.

Space for Relaxation

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us

A relaxing atmosphere just like the the visit to the house of a friend in Nepal and blend in with the rural mountain village life.



“I stayed Tsukinoie 25-27th October 2019 when I participated Annapruna100 trail race at Dhampus.
All staff were hurtful and kindly. Including 3 cuisines were healthy and very good. They had served local tea when I was sitting a seat to see Annapurna rang at garden in the morning one day. This situation was so luxury for me.
I do want to go to there again !!!”

Takayuki Fujiwara

“It was a while ago that I stayed, but I had a lot of fun with Nepal yun in the dining room. The Bath is good later.”

Motoko Fukuda